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I'm a developer at Zopa, a peer-to-peer lending platform. I work with Ruby, Javascript and HTML/CSS to take data from APIs right up to the user interface. I have integrated internal and external APIs, written a private gem, & worked with Rails and Sinatra. I love playing with Javascript and CSS transitions.

Before becoming a developer I managed a section of a national news site for a year, as the editor of Ampp3d, a multimedia data site that was part of the Mirror. This is what I learned there. I ran a team of 5 writers, graphicists and a developer to pull off scoops, produce visual tabloid-friendly data journalism and several kooky javascript widgets.

In 2013-14 I worked as an online reporter / producer at Channel 4 News. I wrote a bunch of news stories and made a short documentary about a gay bar bridging the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland.

I was previously a technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and worked for 2 years on the Register scooping the tech problems behind the RBS/Natwest banking software glitch that affected 17 million people.


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