Woah: this piece of glass is sucking information from the air

Good woooooah moment in episode 110 of The Web Ahead podcast, that I listened to today.

Jen Simmons was describing the wonders of the mobile web. > “that website works on a tiny little piece of glass, there’s some sort of radio wave beaming out of the sky and that’s changing what you see on the piece of glass.”

17:45, Understanding the Web with Jeremy Keith

wow cat

omgerz itz so true

Sometimes its good to remember how crazily amazing the internet is. It’s easy to forget that when you’re moaning about Safari being slow. If you think about it, we’re holding these pieces of glass that are sucking information from the air around us.

I really like listening to the Web Ahead, a front-end / web dev podcast by Jen Simmons.

Aside from from acquiring genuinely useful knowledge from this podcast, I also vibe on her gravelly drawl and constant incitement for everyone to do ever more crazy things with the idea of a website.

She and her guests often talk about how everyone plays it so safe in web design and development, and that psychological constraints hold people back much more than technical ones.

The podcast is what got me playing around with skew and transitions as per CSS post above.

Listen to it! The Web Ahead


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